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New member looking for recommendations

  1. raf1919
    Hi All, New member here. I got into music about a year ago and assembled a nice vintage system pioneer sx 980 based but problem is with two small kids can never use it.. between their naps and being busy seems like I never get to use it. So thats how I found out about the headphone world so just getting started. I have about 600-700 to spend on headphone,dac, amp. I will be playing FLAC off my PC, and occasional google music or youtube as well.

    Looking for some guidance on how to allocate that. where should i put my money in.

    after hours of reading here is what I think i'm going with please correct me or recommend something different

    HD 600
    magni 3 ( i would like to try tube down the road, maybe darkvoice 336)
    Modi 2 Multibit. Do i get uber instead and upg headphones to HD650 instead or upg amp to vali2

    This will run me about 600 right on budget.

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