New M8 DAC from SMSL (9018/XMOS)
Jul 24, 2018 at 1:07 PM Post #1,112 of 1,112
i just got a Grado GH2 and listened with the SMSL m8 with the va2 amp. holy sh!at balls. bloody bright and ear piercing.
good i have a fiio x5III and it sounds great with the Grado. i have been using the m8 and not using the va2 but using little dot mk iii instead with the p1 power supply and it's been a great combination. i just realized how bright it is and i thought grado is bright ( i know they are supposed to be a bit bright). so now i am thinking about getting a completely different dac. this m8 works beautifully with Audeze Sine (amazing headphones), so i guess that's why people call Audeze "Dark". but seriously grado + ESS9018 you cannot listen to any vocal at all. i almost sold the headphone right away thinking what quality is this (beside it feels cheaply built vs beyer t1, audeze, etc). i have a Topping NX4 DSD coming which i waited for 50 days already. damn singapore post to canada is a nightmare. maybe should file claim already on that one.

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