New Gear at TTVJ 3/14/12
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Jun 21, 2001
Hi All,
We have some great new products to announce!
First from Bel Canto... an amazing piece that does it all - the C7r integrated amp. 60 watts into 8 ohms, MM phono stage, analog FM tuner, rca analog inputs, 5 digital inputs, DAC, and even a headphone output! Compact and ideal for the space conscience, the C7r serves so many purposes that it can do just about anything you want with it and it sounds so good. $2995


Next are 2 new SACD/CD players from Esoteric. Gone are the SA-50 and the X-05 and in their place come the K-05 and K-07. Shipping in May or June, be the first to own one by preordering from us now. No charges until it ships to you!
The Esoteric K-05 replaces the X-05 and takes digital playback to a new level. Read all about the K-05 on our website! $8300


And replacing the SA-50 is the new Esoteric K-07 player. $5900


These are great new additions to our already strong lineup of products available at TTVJ!!!
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