New Edifier Goodies

  1. edifier
    Hello All,

    Recently got some new headphones that we thought we would share :beyersmile:

    Edifier W360BT:


    • Two Bluetooth Connections
    • On Neckband Controls
    • Included USB Charging Cable


    Edifier W280BT:

    • Dual battery design
    • Simultaneous bluetooth connection
    • Inline microphone volume control


    Edifier W830BT:


    • Foldable extra-soft earpads
    • Bluetooth v4.1 aptX codec NFC tech with 95 hours of playback
    • 40mm drivers produces rich deep bass


  2. B9Scrambler
    W830BT looks nice! That battery life is bonkers.
  3. Wiljen
    The previous generation of Edifier On-ear bluetooth sets were amongst the best I have tested in their price range so if this generation builds on that base they should be really nice. That 95 hour number seems unlikely though. Bluetooth is a power hog and to have that kind of battery life would mean adding a lot of weight in the form of a battery to do it. With the flexible lithium packs, you could use one that was an inch wide and 6 inches long in the headband and that would probably give you the best balance as putting the battery in the cups would have a much more perceptible downward pull to it and would require splitting the weight evenly between the cups. Previous versions have put the circuit boards in one side and the battery in the other to offset weight.
  4. crabdog
    Wow battery life is v impressive. Would be very interested to hear some of the Edifier headphones as I've had a great experience with their speakers and like the Edifier house sound.
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  5. Wiljen
    You and me both @crabdog maybe another review tour will be offered as I think several of us would like to see the W830BT after enjoying their last generation of products.
  6. Niyologist
    Wow. All of them look very impressive. Looks sturdy. Especially the W830BT.
  7. JayceOoi
    Seriously? 95 hours of playback?
  8. crabdog
    Sounds like the bar has been raised for Bluetooth battery life. :)

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