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NEW Dragon USB C Cables

  1. MoonAudio Contributor

    Introducing Silver Dragon USB-C Cables at Moon Audio.

    The Silver Dragon USB transfers digital audio from a computer or portable device such as a Phone, Tablet or DAP (digital audio Player) to a USB capable DAC. We build cables for home, office or portable solutions. This product page is focused more on longer length applications while Silver Dragon Form Fit USB cable Here focuses more on portable short solutions.

    Moon Audio has optimized our USB cables for audio transmission of large High Res files. Please see the webpage for more info.

    Moon Audio Stay updated on Moon Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/MoonAudio/ https://twitter.com/MoonAudio https://instagram.com/moonaudio https://www.moon-audio.com/
  2. BartSimpson1976
    a USB cable is a USB cable
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  3. tsftd
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  4. Giraku
    Well, I was like you. But try it. You will be amazed how much noise can affect the signal. The difference is quite audible.
    I'm not talking about this particular product, but in general. USB cable upgrade is to minimize the noise coming from many different sources in the environment.
  5. sinkr
    I bought a fleet of Moon Audio cables because I (thought) I had the money to blow. They are nice looking, typically shorter (a more manageable length for trans/portable gear), but I really have no idea about increased or even different sound quality. I have some insanely expensive cryo/silver USB cables I use in my home rig and am unsure if they do anything--knowing they're there makes me feel better anyhow.

    I'd say buy these cables for their looks, lengths, and manageability, but beware you will more than likely take a greater than 50% price beating if you can sell them at all. This is probably true for all tweaks, and is not just limited to Moon Audio, however, think critically about how long you're going to use this cable for, or how long you think you'll keep your rig around that uses this cable, because I finally just had to give up selling a lot of specialty cables in this class and shove them in a drawer. People either wanted to offer me insulting amounts (I wanted to sell, but didn't HAVE to), and/or the interest isn't out there for these cables, used, even at greater than 50% off list price.

    So, there is a lot of sentiment of "why spend this much money on a cable?" that makes it a losing proposition for the 1st buyer, unless you're certain you're going to keep your cable(s) for years.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018

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