New addict needs help and recommandations
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Sep 13, 2009
Hello all,

i used to be a Audiophile nut a few years ago and managed to get out of it. My wallet has been safe ever since, apart from Apple products.

Unfortunately, i came by this forum and now im Headphone obsessed, to the point i bought a Sennheiser 650 and im ordering JH13 IEM for my Apple iPhone 3GS.

Anyways, i hate you all and this forum, and look forward to exchanging on this evil hobby.

Im looking for an integrated all in one solution for Digital in, preamp, amp and phone out with the Accuphase sound. Lush, luxurious, but not sappy or syruppy.

I was thinking of buying the 550 Accuphase integrated with D/A Card, but for such a price, maybe i would be better off getting a specialised headphone amp because frankly i wont be using any speakers AT ALL.

The only requirements i have are:

- to be as close as the Accuphase signature sound which i fell in love with a few years ago (on the opposite spectrum for my ears are Krell, Wadia, which are much too analytical and hurt my hears very quickly).
- balanced design but single ended friendly
- allow for multiple inputs, because id like to add a CD Player later on

What brands would you guys / gals recommend ? I was thinking Woo and RSA from the descriptions ive read online... but.... Budget is up to 7K USD ish.

Thanks for your help.


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