Neutrik RCA help
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May 18, 2009
I just bought a pair of the standard Neutrik RCA connectors with the red/white strips. Can someone please explain how they work?

There's obviously the gold part that is the plug, but it doesn't seem to have any clamp type thing on it for retention. Then there's a little three pronged plastic thing that looks like it might be for retention and finally the spring system that I've read about. What's the spring for? Is it just supposed to hang out the bottom?
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The 3 pronged plastic piece offers strain relief. It clamps on the cable as you screw together the plug. Just about all of Neutrik's cable mounted jacks and plugs use the system. I find it works quite nicely. The spring offers cable protection by softening the bend at the plug. It is there to avoid acute 90 degree bends that can, over time, break conductors - especially if you are using solid core stuff.
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it just goes to the big part at the bottom

+ is on the pole, - is on the "plate" below it

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Originally Posted by pistolsnipe /img/forum/go_quote.gif
it just goes to the big part at the bottom

+ is on the pole, - is on the "plate" below it

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or, signal to the little pin thingy, and ground to the big curved plate below it. (Same thing, just different description in case you don't know which is + or -.)

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