Network streamer whats the best solution
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Sep 3, 2013
Hi All,

I recently purchased a Marantz PM7001 and a CD5001 for the living room paired with some Mission SX2's. I was initially looking at adding perhaps a teufel connector 2 for wireless streaming but I have since thought about maybe adding a dedicated network streamer to the mix.

I have looked at the Marantz NA6006 as an option then the Marantz NR1200. The NR1200 has all the features I could want but I don't think(correct me if I am wrong) it has a very good DAC where as the NA6006 Has a ESS9016 which I believe is better. I am not sure if this would matter if I am running the network player through my PM7001 amp though. Anyone suggest anything else or advise what the best option.
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