Netflix dumps HD-DVD
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One format has to be dead and buried for a year before I'll buy either.

'course, I still need to buy an actual HD display, for starters.
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That's a pretty definite sign if ever there was. Well that and Blockbuster previously choosing Blu-Ray.
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Originally Posted by Wodgy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Not unexpected

Indeed, during the last month, the blogosphere has become a bit of a sad funeral procession for HD-DVD. If the Gamers Thought link is correct, (reads like hearsay to me), HD-DVD is doner than doner. Not that it isn't already. I don't gather much reason to fear buying into Blu-ray now unless a desktop profile 2.0 player is the priority.
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Best Buy just announced it's no longer neutral. When it rains, it pours.

Waiting to see what Criterion does.
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The real "blow" was three (more) studios announcing at CES last month that they would only be supporting the BlueRay format; that effectively signaled the death knell of the HD-DVD.
Feb 12, 2008 at 6:04 AM Post #11 of 25
Although disappointing, I'm not going to disuse Netflix for my rentals. I will however, stop buying HD-DVDs and will save for a Blu-Ray/HD-DVD combo player.
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I thought the Blu-ray / HD-DVD wars would end like the VHS wars, when Sony introduced that thingy but had it horribly failed...forgot the name...I wasn't even born then...~_~...someone told me about it.
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Beta Max - yeah, too bad. oh well.

as for hd dvd and blu ray: it is easier to say blu ray. however, what seems to be a coming to close of the race will be good and bad for the consumer: good - we can use one machine to use one format and support dvd and vcd etc rather than having 2. but, also i worry with having only one format: it was a war and toshiba will not give up and i would not want them to.

both formats have had heaps of research into them and offer goods over the other. i hope whatever happens, we have good hardware and good software and not too many limitations to the way we want to use it.

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