Needing help / advise on upgrade path......
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Mar 5, 2007
Alrighty, thanks to this site already, I've moved from on board sound, to an Elite Pro... then to DT770 Pros, decided that the sound was still a bit hallow and added an HeadRoom Micro Amp.

Recently, I transitioned from VBR MP3 to FLAC (wow.. what the hell was I thinking all those years!?!?!?!)...

Then (Again to ya'all here) I upgraded to an Audio-GD Compass about 4 weeks ago. While soundstage was definitely improved, I really think my headphones were limiting for what I was moving up to, so I ordered a set of Denon 7000's from (ordered May 2nd, and still on backorder), and in the mean time, the gain switch (probable cause) died, and I'll be sending it back to Audio-GD on Monday for repair.

Now comes the questions... I've really been impressed with Audio-GD in general regarding the amount of usage here, and positive feedback vs. cost and I'm can't help but wondering what music will sound like if I upgrade to the DAC-19Mk3 and a C2-C amp. Primary usage will be for music (I listen to anything but ghetto crap, primary Jazz, Techno / Dance / Classical, and 80's rock).

My only hesitation is because of my current set of can's, I know that I can upgrade the components, but if my can's remain constant, it's pretty much display and wasted money, and once (please God, make it soon) I receive them, the break-in period begins, and I really don't want to taint my perception until they are broken in. And to further muddy up the waters, a lot of people are very happy with the compass and the D2/D5/D7K in general.

::Chuckles:: and to make it worse, I really don't want to have the setup be computer --> Elite Pro Card --> Breakout Box --> Compass --> D7000's. I'd like to have a single card that will do perform EAX (I do game), yet be able to output better quality sound via SPDIF / coax. I'm currently looking at the ASUS Essence STX, but I'm more than willing to listen to other advise / suggestions.

Any advice / opinions here are greatly encouraged, and appreciated.

Thanks, Christopher

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