Need Suggestions On IEMs For my Uses.
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Dec 8, 2008
Hey, I currently own a pair of UE 5 Pros and I am thinking of an upgrade. I am looking at the 10s, but here is the problem:

My UE's don't work too well for my uses. I like to listen to my IEMs stationary AND while running. The problem is that they just don't fit well, even when I'm stationary the seal constantly loosens. The tips I use are the double flanged which are the best fit for me, but are not exactly ideal.

So I am wondering if the UE 4 custom earphones will do better when running. The extra expense does not worry me.

I have also heard of the Comply foam tips, but I'm worried about how long they will last and how much more $$ they will be in the long term since I use my earphones ATLEAST once a day.

Thank you for your time.
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Comply foam tips can last quite long depending on how you actually treat them. i've had mine for more than a month and they're still in pretty good condition
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I read this thread recently. It's should be helpful.

I guess the sound quality might not be the same with UE4, but the fit should be waayyy nicer. I sold the's after a week or two when I decided I couldn't live with the fit.
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Yeah I read through that thread and am nearly convinced that the UE 4 Customs sound better than the triple.fis, but this post worries me:


Originally Posted by shigzeo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
a custom also has a physical problem which is that the hard acrylic, while completely comfortable, movies if your ears move and can lose seal from time to time (like when you smile and your ears move toward the top of your head).

soundwise, my customs are so far ahead of any universal i have tried (not signature, that is roughly equivalent to top end universals), that thinking about universals for other than exercise, makes me itch in places.

Are Customs really worse than universals for exercising?

to frostfire90:
Are those the same pair of tips? How much do you use your earphones? Also, how is the fit for you?

Sorry for the interrogation.
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I think customs are fine for exercising as long as you don't put them in and out. If you do, you may get sweat down into the inner ear where it can cause trouble.

Here's another interesting thread I was just reading:

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