Need suggestions - Headphones for heavy travel
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New Head-Fier
May 13, 2013
I have been reading this forum for awhile now and I just registered finally to get some specific advice on headphones.  First off, my setup:
iPad 3
iPod Nano (latest generation)
FiiO E11 (just bought this)
iTunes match music
Handbrake converted 720 movies
Coby CV195 noise cancelling headphones (I know...they were free)
So basically what I am doing is completely re-doing my travel pack.  I will be on the road between 40-70 days the rest of this year with flights all over the world so I wanted to upgrade everything to make flying a little easier and listening to movies/music in an airplane easier along with blocking out as much noise as possible.
I am trying to determine is active noise cancelling or noise isolation would be my best option here so I need some advice on headphones to choose from.  Couple caveats on this:
1.  No in ear stuff period, I want cans.  I can't stand anything in my ear so that's not going to work.
2.  I want to stay under $350.00 if possible.
3.  As much noise reduction as possible without sacrificing too much quality. (anything I pick can't be worse than my Coby's)
4.  I listen to a lot to techno/trance.....then it's more rock/alternative rock/symphony.
I have been eyeballing the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 for noise isolation and the PSB M4U 2 for active noise cancelling so far to give you an idea where I am right now.
I appreciate everyone's help in advance.
Edit.  I see the advice thread that I should of put this in.  I can't find a delete option or I would move it.


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