need suggestion for portable phones
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Dec 21, 2007
purpose - headphones on the go and for use in home as well.

source - sansa 2 gb mp3 player (with rockbox for flac). might get an higher capacity ipod if i have some money around.

past - started with the 555s, moved to a 595 and then to a 650. 595 and 650 were used with an auzen prelude and a little dot mk v amp. sold my 650s a few days ago because i was leaving college and didnt want to subject them to any stress that travel could have introduced them to and i needed the money anyways. point is my ears are probably really spoilt by now.

as a coming home gift after finishing my degree my mum got me some 25 dollar philips earphones which basically caused my ears to bleed and made me cringe. i really appreciated the gesture because 25 bucks is more than anything she would ever spend on headphones for herself. but as a result im headphone less right now and instead of listening to music on those god awful earphones, i havent heard music for about a week now and the voices in my head are starting to come back.

problem - i have really really weird ears so i dont really want to spend money on iem's unless i can try them on to make sure they will fit. and even then theres a comfort issue because of the weird shape of my ear canal.

ive been starting to look at grado sr 60/80 for the above mentioned mp3 player. my budget is roughly $80 shipped. the 60s fit nice and snug into that range but the 80s are just out of it. i go to school by bus so theres a lot of noise just from the bus and the a/c itself inside. not so much from the outside. would the 60s/80s be good enough at blocking out the noise or for just that purpose would iem's be better?

also, i will be using these phones at home as my main listening rig. not much of a rig i guess but i had to sell my computer and my headphones before coming home. so for now all i have is an mp3 player. i tried the sr 60s for a few minutes a few weeks back and i really liked them. for continued listening im guessing the 80s would probably be a tad better. also, im looking for something a little durable. at my desk at college i had all the wires tied up properly so they wouldnt snag anywhere and just enough of it let loose so i didnt jerk on them. i dont want some cheap sony earphones that die just on one tug. obviously i wont be playing football with the headphones but something that can take an occasion tug that is out of my hand would be helpful.

suggestions anyone?
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If you like the SR-60 then go for it although they won't block noise much at all. I can only recommend ety ER6 for IEMs for that price...I don't have vast experience with IEMs though. For $15~$20 Koss KSC75 is very good but might not be your thing.
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I would get the SR80s for the money. They use the same driver as the SR60s but I find the pads much more comfortable. The sound is about the same (couldn't tell the difference though that changes as you go up their line).
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Check the Grado SR80, but they won't do for out in public.. It's kind of rude to have music blasting for everyone to hear. They sound great, though.

I would consider IEMs. There are plenty of IEMs out there for that price, but the only ones I have experience with for <$80 are the SF3 Studio, lower end Shures, and Sony canalphones. Stay away from the Sonys, they're terrible.

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