Need some help finding comfortable headphones for PC gaming.
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Jun 7, 2013
I've been browsing these forums for about a week now, and while I've learned a lot from a lot of really helpful guides and threads here, I can't seem to find something suited to my particular needs.
I recently purchased the Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card for my PC (which hasn't arrived yet): I got it to replace my Asus Xonar DG 5.1, which I never much cared for.
I primarily use my PC for gaming, and always use headphones. However, my girlfriend likes to use speakers to listen to music and watch youtube videos. This is why I purchased the soundcard above, for it's dedicated headphone amp and the ability to switch between headphones and speakers while saving those individual configurations.
I have had some bad experiences with headphones lately. I bought a very expensive set of Turtle Beaches a few years ago that, in addition to the terrible build quality, the sheer weight of them caused severe neck strain after only about 20 minutes of usage. They would also cause my right outer-ear to hurt after a few minutes, though I do have rather large ears as a 6' 3" male.
I had a decent pair of Sennheiser's that gave relatively decent sound and tremendous base quality, but their positional accuracy in gaming was not very good. And though very lightweight and comfortable, they failed after about a year of use despite keeping them in pristine condition as I do all my equipment.
I recently bought a pair of Skullcandy earbuds, but it's clear they are intended for music listening more than gaming, as the positional accuracy in games is non-existant. Though I suppose I cannot expect much from a 13.5mm driver.
My question here is, what would you all suggest for a set of headphones that will take full advantage of the Creative Sound Blaster Z's features for gaming?
What I am looking for (in order of importance):
1) Lightweight and comfortable. This will be for regular 8+ hour sessions of gaming. (I read velour pads are good?)
2) Good positional accuracy to take advantage of Creative's SBX Surround.
3) Deep powerful bass for gaming immersion, such as explosions. While also not sacrifing in the clarity of mids and highs.
4) 3.5mm connection (As I've read that USB connections suffer in quality compared to analog, correct?)
I don't use voicechat, ever; So microphones are not important to me. They are just unneccesary weight in my opinion.
I was considering these: But the lack of bass was a major turn-off for me. =(
Oh, I also have an Earforce DSS that came with my Turtle Beach headset. Would I benefit from adding that into my sound system? Or will the Sound Blaster Z already do this better for me?
Anyway, sorry for all the questions. But I have been researching like mad for a long time now and still can't come to any conclusions here. I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone could give. Thanks in advance.
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Oct 28, 2012

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