Need recommendations on a new Headset/Headphones+mic for my system.
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New Head-Fier
May 2, 2013
I'm in need of new "cans" as you gentlemen call them for my comp. I'll try to be direct and list the features I need them to have:
-Over-Ear; (Seem to be the most comfortable ones, and since I'll be using them for really long hours a day...)
-Closed; (Sound leaking and easily entering can be a problem for my environment.)
-That can benefit well from a Xonar Essence STX.
-If headphones, please point me to a good mic with a mute button, preferably clip-on but I've yet to witness one with such a feature. I can say it's a need for ME.
I need them for both music and gaming.
Price won't be a problem, since everything imported to this country I'm in get's overtaxed, and, therefore, WILL be freaking expensive.
Don't fell obligated to answer if you can't vouch for a good pair of "cans" with these features.
Hope I don't scare anyone away for being so picky. ^^'
Thanks in advance,

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