Need recommendation for budget iem replacement
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Jun 3, 2019
I recently lost my KZ ZS7s and Hidizs Sonata. Absolutely heartbroken because I enjoyed it.

Looking for a replacement. Would love to hear what you guys recommend. Some of the possible replacements I've looked at don't have much sound reviews on them.

Haven't decided whether I should just go wireless because dongles are quite the hassle and quite costly (the apple ones don't boost my iems enough on my phone) and frankly if the sound is as good, I'd rather go without them.

IEMs will be used with Huawei P30 Pro, mostly Spotify, on my commutes. I listen to classical, punk, hardcore, metal, rap, electronic, rock and some older hits. Will be paired with probably a Hidizs Sonata if wired (if you have better dongles/DACs I'd be thankful if you could recommend as well).

Past IEMS: 1more triple driver, Whizzer a15, KZ ZS7

I like the VS7s but am wondering if I'm missing out on better stuff and also would love to explore (was getting bored of the V signature).

I'm currently looking at:

Ikko OH-1
KZ ZS10 Pro
Urbanfun YBF-ISS014

Sabbat E12 Ultimate

Budget: Preferably < 80USD if I can get something I enjoy. Would spend more if really worth it.

Thanks in advance!
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So i Currently have the LZ A6 Mini, theyre normally <$80 on aliexpress. Theyre awesome. Come with 3 different filters to get it to your sound preference. not a great cable but i cant complain about the rest.
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I'd say just get and enjoy them for about a week and decide if you need to go with them. I replaced the tips and cables but some people have no problem getting a good fit with the stock accessories. If you don't get a good fit then read this.....

Got them and love them a lot. Mid bass not as punchy as the ZS7s and treble not as sharp/sibilant, which may be a good or bad thing for some people depending on preference. But everything else is very well done. Such a smooth rounded sound that works well with each other. I bought the Blons with the TRN 16core copper cables. The fit is a bit shallow with KZ foam tips though so I might look to change those. Also my spare apple dongle (since I lost my Hidisz) don't amp the Blons enough. Will look to get the BGVP T01.

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