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Need recommendation for a In-Ear Headphones

  1. Virtax
    So hey guys!
    Just a quick question, well kinda.
    So I'm looking for an In-Ear headphones for iPhone and stuff like that.
    For now i will run it directly out from the jack itself and maybe in the feature i will add an external amp for it.
    Now i need some really high quality sound, build and overall very good In-Ear headphones around the price of 100$-150$.
    I used to have some problems with those In-Ear headphones like this so if you can give me a link for those rubber thingy's to replace if it's not sitting quite comfortable in my ear will be really good. (just in case :).
    Thanks for any help!
  2. JayOTheFirst
    any in-ears for under 100?
  3. darknessends
    Vsonic GR07
  4. Virtax
    Any more suggestions?
    You'd probably get more input if you told people what kind of music you like to listen to, or what kind of sound signature you like, otherwise, you'll just end up with a bunch of random suggestions of earphones that are currently "popular." lol.
  6. Virtax
    Oh sorry ye forgot about it, mostly i listen to dubstep, electric from time to time pop techno but ye mostly the "wub wub" stuff.
  7. Nochaunceinell
    For dubstep or bass music I would definitely check out the new AirBuds (http://www.air-buds.com/product/air-buds-ear-buds/). They have awesome bass clarity and the foam tips are the most comfortable I have tried and expand to fit any ear.
    Just got mine and love them. When I bought them they were running a product launch discount for 20% off too. I think the code was FamilyFriends123 .

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