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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Funkyd04, Oct 31, 2017.
  1. Funkyd04
    So i use an old computer tower instead of a traditional "entertainment" center for TV/movies and such. I've been using some old logitec 2.1 speakers and a medium grade sound card for a while and i've been mostly pleased with it. I find the sound signature of the logitec decent, but i was wanting to upgrade my setup.

    I'll be using a USB DAC and bypassing the onboard sound card, i just need to choose speakers. The use of these speakers is mostly movies, but i also blast music every now and then and when i have parties, it is the main source of music. I thought about stepping up to real home theatre speakers but i don't want to dish out the extra for a receiver/source and whatnot. It seems like an additional level of complexity that isn't really necessary.

    In doing some online research, i've found a couple options

    Emotiva Airmotiv 6s
    Audioengine A2+
    Audioengine A5+ (maybe with sub addon)
    Elac B6 Debut
    HarmonKardon Sound sticks III

    Any feedback on the above choices?
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  2. theveterans
    Do you have an integrated amplifier or a power amp or a receiver? If not, you cannot use the Elac B6 Debut straight out of a DAC or headphone amp/preamp.

    I do prefer the sound of powered studio monitors in my setup. Since your location is in Texas, there are brick and mortar store like Guitar Center to demo some speakers there including the Yamaha HS7 that I currently use (best speakers for me in the 500-1000 USD bracket). If you also go to Audioengine's site, there are some dealers there where you can demo them and compare. About the Harman speakers, I avoid tinny 2.1 speaker setup as they just sound so unnatural compared to bookshelf speakers.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Monoprice 5" studio monitors, normally $170, on sale for $120.
    They are basically relabeled M-Audio BX5a studio monitors, the BX5a use to sell for around $250, for the pair.

    Add a sub-woofer for $200.
  4. Funkyd04
    How would those fare against a set of emotiva airmotiv 6s?

    I can't find any review's of the monoprices monitors to see how they stack up against anything i mentioned.
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would expect the Emotiva Airmotiv 6s to be a better sounding studio monitor, then the Monoprice 5",
    as the suggested retail price of the Airmotiv 6s is $700, they better be.
    I own the Monoprice 5" studio monitors and they do sound nice, I would assume at least equal in sound quality to the Audioengine A5+.
    Read up on reviews of the M-Audio BX5a studio monitor, that should tell you how good the Monoprice units are.
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  6. Funkyd04
    Thanks! The monoprice setup is awfully tempting at that price. The main reason i was considering the emotive 6s was because i found a used set for sale for rougly $350 which seems like a good deal.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Those used Airmotiv 6s do sound temping.
  8. Funkyd04
    Well i was able to snag the emotiv's for $380! Not too bad, eh?

    Now i need to figure out how to add a sub. I was hoping to find a sub that can atleast mach the accuracy and SQ of these emotiv's. Any suggestions? I was looking towards something like a Klipsch R12SW, prefferably something that isn't ported. I value clarity in sound over SPL.
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  9. theveterans
    ^ There is no sub that does not have ports. They need to push air for that low frequency response. FYI, If you want accuracy, it's much better to match the Emotiva Airmotiv with their own Airmotiv S10 sub, the way I match my Yamaha HS7 with Yamaha HS8S subwoofer.
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  10. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Klipsch R12Sw is not really designed to work with self powered speakers.
    The Monoprice 10" sub-woofer will work with the Airmotiv 6s.

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