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Jul 22, 2011
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Jul 22, 2011
Hi. since I'm new here, I don't no where to ask question (whether in full size or portable headphones), so i'm just posting in both forum. (excuse me :)
I'm a student who loves listening to musics. 
I've been using bose OE series. (I no it's not good headphones after all but considering the fact that I'm just a student and I'd been using apple's earbud til 3 yrs ago, buying bose headphones were a significant improvement XD)
But I think it's the time for me to purchase new pair of headphones. When I purchased bose for the first time, I was amazed, but it's been like a yr and I'm quite disappointed on their performance. 
I'm happy with my bose oe headphones when I listen to electronic and full bass musics but not classicals and vocals. 
But sadly 99% of musics I really enjoy listen to is all classical(piano & orchestra) and vocals (esp musicals and soundtracks). 
I've NEVER tried other headphones before, but I'm pretty sure the sound is not wat I want to hear on bose oe... it seems just wrong...esp classical sounds(I guess it's called treble..) so flat and when I listen to musicals(vocals), the bass is just covering up the entire music and the treble is so sharp and flat.  I felt that from the first... -_- 
I'm no audiophile but every music teachers have been saying I have good ears (playing the piano for 15 yrs). So I guess my ear's okay... at least... :)
Anyway, I don't mind whether it's closed type - opened type ; portable or full sized. But I need some great sounding headphones especially for classical musics, musicals and other vocals. 
my budget is $600-700 max(live in aus so if it's in the us +$33 for delivery fee). unfortunately... I've heard that with high end headphones I need an amp to produce the full sound... so I would be appreciate if someone could answer how much "okay" amps are... 
I don't no anything about headphones. So I'm planning to test out some headphones - sennheiser's and grado's (I believe my ears XD)... 
But I DO NEED your help. 
Thanks guys. 
Oh and my music source is my macbook pro & iPhone unfortunately... I've purchased all my musics from iTunes store T.T since 2006. so got like 30GB of music library... i've heard that the sound quality of musics on iTunes is poor. - this worries me buying new headphones... 

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