Need help with S545 and Media Monkey
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Dec 13, 2007
I'm using Media Monkey to transfer music to my S545. Yesterday I attempted to transfer about 20 albums, but only 9 of them showed up on my device. I formatted the H545, then transferred music again. This time I attempted to transfer 24 albums, only 10 of them showed up.

I checked all the folders to see if any were hidden in the wrong folder. No luck. When I was transferring, the Sony gave the Do Not Disconnect message, indicating that the files were transferring. Or so I thought. Some of them that didn't transfer the first time, did the second time. Some that did transfer the first time, didn't the second time. I'm doing the transfer by selecting the files for each album, right clicking and selecting Transfer to Walkman. My device still has 8Gb free, so it isn't a space issue.

For a couple of the albums, when I try to play a song, I get this message:
Cannot play. Please connect to compliant software and update license information.

Any suggestions?

Edited to add - when I look at the contents of the Walkman using Windows Explorer, it shows all 24 albums as being on the device.
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Later this afternoon, I tried transferring using Drag and Drop, rather than Send To Walkman. Results were no better. Tomorrow I'll delete the ones that give me the Cannot Play...message and RIP them again. I may have originally done them in a format that the S545 doesn't read.

Still hoping someone has an idea for why some of the albums don't show up at all, even though when I look at the device through Explorer, it says they're there. This is very perplexing!
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Hmm... I had some weird thing happen with my T51 today through Media Monkey; I think it was a certain song that doesn't work because after sending my stuff over I couldn't use the device at all; I had to delete everything and copy over what I needed.
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I reripped a bunch of CDs, and they loaded fine. Today my only problem seems to be that MM is crashing a lot. Previously it was running fine. Weird stuff.

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