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Need help on PC Setup

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by niknok, Aug 25, 2010.
  1. niknok
    Hi, Please bear with me as I am new to this. My current setup right now is a desktop pc with Creative Xtremegamer and 5.1 surround speakers logitech x540. I'd like to add desktop speakers (suggestions?) for music to my setup for listening to music, but would want to utilize the 2 desktop speakers as part of my 5.1 surround (they will be front left/right). Can I utilize my soundcard for this? I've been thinking about DACs and amps to add to the equation but I can't seem to get the correct setup. Oh and I have a senn hd555 that I want to plug in once in a while as well =) So i guess the question is how to setup hi-fi system for music, but at the same time use it for 5.1 movies and gaming =) thanks!
  2. mr56k
                    Some good desktop speakers depends on how much you want to spend. You have a price range? Studio monitors - M-Audio AV30 $99 /AV40 $149   Audio Engine 2 Series $199. Those are all studio monitors. I also really like the Creative Gigaworks T20&T40's. 99$/140ish They both sound really good for the price. I also own the Creative Inspire T10's that are only around $50ish that sound really good also. As far as hooking these in to your existing setup I don't know. Lot of the speakers go from one speaker to the other via rca plug then a eighth inch mini stereo out from there to the pc. Getting audio to the Sennheisers should be easy no matter what option you go with. Hope this helps some.
  3. niknok
    Thanks Ryan, that should be a good way for me to start =)  I'm leaning towards the AV30 as I might not have the ears to tell the diff between that and the AV40 (though i like the AV40 connectivity options).  I'm hoping that they're a lot better than the logitechs.  And it seems these things do not need a separate amp :)
  4. mr56k
                      The AV30's sound really good for the price in my opinion. Should be a nice upgrade over most normal pc speakers. Yes amp is built in to the speaker :) . Have fun!
  5. niknok
    I just tried the AV30s in one of the local stores here.  I brought my ipod with me to try out the speaker with a mix of songs I listen to.  One in particular is the Canon D played on the piano.  Some of the high notes consistently crackle on the AV30.  This also happens on my logitech speakers, but they come out clean on my senn555 headphones.  I told the store clerk I'd like to try the AV40 once its available in their store.  My question is, what is causing the crackle of the piano notes, and will it make a difference of the AV40s?
    Honestly I was not really blown away by the AV30s, but that's after listening to a pair of wharfedale 9.1s in another store :p
  6. mr56k

               Hmmm. No idea. I have never heard high notes crackle on the av30/40's on any of my music/video. How loud were they turned up? I never have to put mine
    barely past half way where I listen. As far as comparing the Wharefedale to the AV30 is rough! They are several price categories ahead of the the av30's. Stretch
    your budget and there will always be something better. Good luck!

  7. niknok
    .. got myself the wharfedales 9.1s =) .. i decided to keep my logitechs maybe for PC movies and just get a DAC/amp combo for music .. currently I'm evaluating the v-dac + topping tp20 combo or the dared mp5 .. i just hope the size of the 9.1s don't look too funny on my desktop [​IMG] ..
  8. niknok
    .. thanks to all the guys who helped me out on this =) .. here are the components i ended up with!  .next up would be cleaning up all the clutter on my desk to get the best sound out of these .. and maybe look for stands for elevation ..

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