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Need help looking for good headphones that are detachable

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by flash gordon, May 4, 2013.
  1. flash gordon
  2. Gnomeplay
    The only one of these worth considering at all are the VModa Crossfades.
  3. Sir Tmotts III
    Go for the V-Modas. I have yet to listen to a rapper endorsed headphone that is worth anyone's money. 
  4. gamerich
    The Soul and Street headphones are just neo-Beats overpriced earmuffs. The general rule of thumb is to avoid plasticky and bass-boosted celebrity headphones as they have a tendency to sound like a sub-woofer with a small $10 speaker trapped inside.
    The V-Moda LP are decent (muddy)  but the LP2 is better, although I'm not sure the $80 difference is worth it.
    The Aviators are also decent, but again, not worth the money.
    I can see by your selection that aesthetics/brand are important to you, so I suggest the Skullcandy MixMaster.
    The MixMasters are surprisingly good with plenty of bass to go around but also quite a bit of clarity.

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