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Need help for upgrade from Fiio X1 ii with 1more Triple Driver and Sennheiser HD 598

  1. getbacktosin
    I would like help for upgrading both my DAP and my IEM.
    As mentioned my setup is
    DAP: Fiio X1 ii
    IEM: 1more Triple Driver
    Over Ear: Sennheiser HD 598

    My budget is around 500$ (Canadian).

    This will be mainly for work and on the go so I prefer not to use open back.

    Will the new Fiio X3 iii be a good upgrade?

    Because my budget is limited I don't want to blow it all on one product.
    But I can be convinced. :) :wink:

    If I blow it all,
    I want to buy either a Shanling M3S/Fiio X5 iii.
    Or I want to buy a Shure SE425.

    Can you please help me out?
  2. Me x3

    FiiO X3 Mark III is very good and certainly better than X1 2nd Gen in various regards. That said, if you can go up to the FiiO X5 3rd Gen, that's a great upgrade coming from X1II both in terms of sound quality and functionality. With X5 3rd Gen you get the full package: dual AKM AK4490 DACs - USB DAC - DSD - Android - WiFi - Aptx - powerful amplification - balanced output and more.

    Even when that might mean no IEM upgrade for now, this is the type of move that puts you higher in the medium term.
    On top of that, quality IEMs are becoming more affordable these days so that's one more thing to keep in mind.
  3. yong_shun
    I agreed with this saying. It would be good for you to get DAP or IEM first but not both at a time if budget is constraining you. This will result in getting 2 sub-par items which might not be your first choice. For me I got myself an IEM first before I explore into DAC and DAP. Ultimately the choice is up to you but my advice is try to save and get something you really like.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would say to buy the best headphones and IEM your willing to spend on, with in the 500 CDN (Canadian dollars).
    Then sell off your current Triple driver IEMs and HD598 (& X1?), then take that cash and combing it with whatever is leftover in the 500 (CDN) budget (after buying new headphone/IEM) and buy the best DAP you can.
    Lets say you can sell off your current FiiO X1 and HD598 and Triple drivers for 200, combine that with the 500 and lets say that give you 700 CDN.
    Maybe plan on spending no more then 200 - 250 for a newer DAP, that gives you around 450-500 CDN for new headphones and IEMs.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  5. yong_shun
    This is another great idea which I think is very useful :)

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