Need help for CDP purchase
Mar 29, 2008 at 7:34 AM Post #2 of 5
There are a crapload of <$1500 CDPs that are all reputed to be good. Good luck in your search but I'll short-list some that I've seen recommended most often:

- Arcam DiVA CD73 and DiVA CD192
- Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V2, 740C, and 840C
- Marantz SA8001
- NAD C542
- Rega Apollo

Audiogon also allows you to routinely net discontinued digital sources that originally retailed for up to ~$3K at $1.5K or less (sometimes even sources that are still in production too), if you want to pursue that. Arcam's FMJ CD23 and CD33 are a great example, both are highly rated and sold at $2.5K when they were in production. On Audiogon, you'll never see a used unit of either of those models at more than $1.5K.
Mar 30, 2008 at 3:32 AM Post #3 of 5
Another CD player in that price range that's recently come to the market is the Simaudio Moon CD-1. It's $1500, but doesn't come with a headphone jack. Given the quality and durability of Simaudio gear (it comes with a ten-year warranty), though, I think it's worth investigating.

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