Need help finding a portable headset to meet my needs
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Aug 4, 2013
Hey Guys / Gals,
Could anyone please recommend a portable set of headphones that support bluetooth?
I have read / watched so many reviews on so many different headphones lately its sick. I can not come up with a single pair of cans that really shine when it comes to bluetooth, quality, and possibly noise cancellation. 
My price limit is $500 usd
They need to be portable, aka not be huge and bulky .. easy to travel with.
I really would like them to have BT
Secondly, I would like them to sound good. I am not a pro, so they dont need to be great, just good.
lastly, but not required, it would be nice if they also had some form of active Noise cancelling, but if not its ok.
Any recommendations?
What I have sifted through so far:
Bose QC15 - great NC, not bluetooth
Bose AE2w - great bluetooth, not a fan of this model
Beats wireless - Not a fan of the way it looks, and people seem to hate beats
Sennheiser Travel 550-x - Can't find in any stores to test this out, and dont want to take a chance for $500
Klipsch Image one Bluetooth - looks nice, but most reviews say their way over priced for the sound quality
Anything carried in a local store is a plus as I would like to test it first.

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