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Need help deciding between a few offers (portable headphones/earbuds)

  1. nicolasete
    Hi, I'm looking for headphones under 100€ for portable use, I've found a few offers and can't really decide what to choose:
    1. Superlux HD-668 B for 29€                     (46,30 % discount)
    2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40X for 92€           (28,68 % discount)
    3. Sony MDR-7506 for 98€                          (25,13 % discount)
    4. Ultrasone HFI-580 for 95€                       (40,25 % discount) (there is also a b-stock for 85€)
    They are for a (non-audiophile) friend so I have no requests for sound signatures other than that they "sound good". I highly doubt she will even learn what an "amp" is in her entire life, so nothing too fancy or complex setups. I believe the Ultrasone are by far the best bang for the buck here, and although they are big, it seems they are somewhat suitable for being used in the street. What She's after is isolation, non-excesive leaking, confort and decent sound (and she also told me that she hates pads that desintegrate and leave tiny bits of material everyhwere (I'm guessing that's a pleather thing). I told her pads are interchangeable, but it would be a plus if that did not happen). She does not care if it's a full sized headphone or an in-ear, but since it was me the one looking, I avoided earbuds, feel free to question my choice ^^.
    Oh, the package is to be sent to Germany, so that's where I'm checking prices.
    What do you guys think? The Ultrasones it is? Should I maybe check something else not on the list?
  2. nicolasete
    Bump [​IMG] 
  3. cel4145
    The Ultrasone are VERY bass heavy. I would go with the M40X or 7506 before the Ultrasones unless you know your friend likes heavy bass.

    The Sony pads may deteriorate and flake a bit over time, but there are replacement velour pads that are available.

    I don't know much about the Superlux. In this price range, you might also consider the Takstar Pro 80 (also available as the Gemini HSR-1000).

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