Need help choosing 'the right' headphone for me (full/portable)
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Aug 28, 2008
So my Ultrasone Pro 900 is in the for sale forum, due to dark sound, which I'm not very fond of. I'll keep it short and simple for once:

-Sparkling and transparent sound

-Full mids

-Tight and deep low-end

Preferably without amp, straight from my D2

Thanks guys, I'm in need for info
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ES7 comes to mind for 'sparkling' but is not really transparent.
K271S for transparent, but not really sparkling, polite bass and definitely enjoys an amp.
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Have you tried a HFI- model? They're far from dark sounding, and your D2 will have no problem driving them. I have the 780s and 550s, and my D2 can drive both cans to earsplitting levels.
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The only portable headphone that I'm aware of that fits your criteria is the esw10, and that's a bit above your budget. The esw9s come close, have a slightly warmer sound, but are not dark by any stretch. Grados or Allesandros might be more along the lines of what you're wanting, and they don't require an amp, but I wouldn't put them in the portable category at all. I know European prices also may knock the better Grados out of your budget, though I believe there are still a few HF2s available, though I'm not still inclined to recommend them for portable usage. If you can tolerate iems, Etymotic ER4Ps sound exactly as you've described. It took me awhile to find the right tip for me, but they're still one of the best sounding iems avaiable (imo) and bang-for-the-buck as well.

EDIT: re Ety's, the bass does not fit your description of deep low-end.
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Hmm, also which I forgot, they should be fun sounding...I find studio/monitor hp's quite sterile sounding a lot of the time. @ Boomana: I have a problem with tinnitus caused by IEMS. Ideally, I would prefer cans like the you mentioned. But yeah theyre kind of not affordable, but portable cans would be ideal for me, now.
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i only can refer to my audio technica m50. i run them with my D2 and even without an amp i'm very satified, as they produce a real deep and tight bass without covering other frequencies. the hights are for my ears satisfiingly sparkling and detailed. as they are foldable they are portable to some extent. but they are ranging below your budget as they cost €150.- wich is app 130 gpb. but as far as i am concerned wy pay more...

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