Need Help Choosing Head Phones
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New Head-Fier
Mar 18, 2006
Hey Guys, this is my first post. Ive spent hours on this site reading reviews trying to decided on my first expensive pair of head phones. Im looking for something that's portable, outside noise isolation is not to important but sound leaking is kind of important. I ride the city bus every day and I dont really want the person sitting beside me to be able to hear my music. I'll be using them mainly out of my ipod, but also for gaiming. I dont want to use an amp. Ive been looking at the AT es7's because ive heard great reviews about them and they look good. However im worried about scratching the nice finish, since ill be throwing them in my backback during school, and the price is kind of high for me. Also the AKG K81Dj looked impresive. Its a great price, and if there at all close to the es7's in sound ill buy them. But I want to hear some comparisons. Any other Head Phone opinions are welcome. I dont want IEM's. Open headphone are ok as long as they dont leak to much sound. I listen to mainly Techno/Trance, but also Rap, and some Rock. I think the HD25's are perfect for me but a little out of my price range. However if you guys think its REALLY worth it I'll buy those instead. Thanks for the help.

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