Need help buying new Headphones
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Dec 14, 2012
So, my Klipsch Image Ones developed a crack in them last June during a fight. That crack has now grown and I don't think they will last much longer (sad, isn't it). I love them as they were my first ''real" pair of headphones and I loved their sound (it was good for the price). So now I need to find a replacement for them. I've been looking at Sennhieser H598's and V-Moda Crossfade LP 2's. My budget is anywhere from $10 (lol) to $250. I know that's not a lot but which would you say are better? Anyother headphones that you would recomend? I listen to mostly hip-hop and pop but I do tend to listen to other genre's like rock jazz and blues now and then.
Please and thank you

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