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need help? best noise cancelling headphones? Bose QC3, Akg495 or audio technica anc9?

  1. flamesfan
    I know you guys have probably seen this post thousands of times but hear me out.. I know a thing or two about headphones and i know for just pure sound quality bose is not a name i should mention. However circumstances have popped up where i will be travelling by plane and train. I want to say noise cancelling is the most important thing for this circumstance however sound quailty is a very big priority. My candiates are the Bose QC3, AKG 495 and audio technica ath-anc9.
    Im aware the bose NC is amazing however the sound the quailty is not as good as the other two.. My question is, is the bose QC3 NC features that much better then the other two that i should take a hit on sound quailty and get the bose for the amazing NC? or are the AKG and audio tech close enough to bose quality of NC and get those with the superior sound quality? Im really confused.. I want the amazing NC with the great sound quality of the AKG..
  2. Mheat122134
    What about the QC-15?
  3. anupam kumar1
     Dude, I have EXACTLY the same requirement! [​IMG] EXACTLY!
    So, what did you end up buying and what was your final decision ?

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