Need a pair of IEM's to match my Denon D-2000
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Jul 2, 2008
I have two pairs of over the ear cans, the Denon D-2000 and hte Shure 840 PRO (use for audio mixing and mastering).  I love the sound of both but tend to grab the Denon's when listening for fun.   The problem is that both of these sets take a lot of room when traveling so I wanted to get a pair of IEM's, hopefully something comfortable that can match the sound of the Denon's.
To that end I ordered a pair of Denon AH-C300 IEM's.   They are HUGE, which would be ok but I am not sure that I really love the sound.   They have a lot of bass, but I don't think I would call it great.  I much prefer the bass from my full size Denon's, although having very little experience with IEM's I maybe expecting to much?   
I am on the fence and am close to returning the Urban Ravers to try something else.  One thing that disappointed me was the lack of a replaceable cord on the Denon's so I have been looking at IEM's that have this feature.    Some of the brands that I am considering are the Shure's and Westones (these may be to bass light?).  I also like the looks of the B=W C5's and have heard good things about the TDK's.
I would like to stay in the 200-250 range if I can.   I love my music and want it to sound it's best.    
I like a lot of the rock classics as well as some jazz and classical.  Love great guitar playing and sounds.  I appreciate some bump to the thump too but overall clarity and separation combined with a non-fatiguing sound and a "fun" sound signature is my goal.  
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May 23, 2013
If you can find JVC FX700 in this price range then they are highly recommended and new JVC FXZ100, FXZ200 are also recommemnded because they all are bassy yet very detailed, crisp clear sounding as Denon D2000. The other IEMs like Sony EX1000, Philips S2, Klipsch Image X5 and GR07 are great sounding for the price. But if you are looking for tight seal and BA drivers IEMs like Westone, Shure IEMs then UE TF10Pro, CK10, UM3X are amazing sounding.
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Apr 6, 2011
I second the FX700 recommendation - it's the closest I have heard to the D2000 sound in an iem.  You might also try Earsonics SM3 v2.

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