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Need a pair of cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by poison shroom, Feb 19, 2009.
  1. Poison Shroom
    I've looked around... and have no idea what I want any longer.

    I have some questions about the Grado SR225.
    •What exactly does it mean by open-ear? I read in some threads a while back that it basically made it easier for other people to hear what you're listening to. I'd like to use these on the bus, etc. So I dont want other people to be able to hear them when I'm using them.
    •Replacement earcups? I would prefer leather... but anything seems better then foam.

    Are then any pair of headphones that can compare with the SR225 in the $250 and less range? I don't want to spend more then that, and I haven't seen any pair of headphones get raved about as much as the SR225 in this price range.
  2. 1Time
    Open headphones are like donuts on or around your ears. Closed headphones are like cups on or around your ears.

    What sound card or other equipment will you be plugging these headphones into?
  3. Tapiozona
    If you want to listen on a bus then open is not what you're looking for. You'll be able to hear the person next to you as well as they'll be able to hear you.

    There's quite a few headphones in the $250 range which are raved as much as the 225's and are closed. Start with the Denon D2000's. You can find them for less than $250 and sound fantastic though they're not the most isolating cans (But they are closed).
    Use the search feature. Shouldn't be too hard to find a large selection of headphones in your price range.
  4. Poison Shroom

    Originally Posted by 1Time /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    What sound card or other equipment will you be plugging these headphones into?

    Powerbook G4.. I'll be getting a MB Pro soon.
    I use a Zen as an MP3 player and sometimes my iPhone, but I hate the equalizer so I tend not to use that.

    I don't like the buy headphones threads because they always seem out of date... or just off.

    I looked at the ULTRASONE PROline 750, which is listed in the thread as $263 headphone, amazon has it for $400 and ebay's cheapest wanted $280.

    I guess I'll settle with the D2000s then, since I want closed headphones, and I can not seem to find the Prolines for a good price.
    Where do you guys go for good prices? I generally just check Amazon and eBay, but I'd rather not order from ebay.

    So I did some check Amazon-ing and have two questions.
    How are the Beyerdynamic DT 770's? Both the D2000s and DT 770s have good reviews and are similarly priced.
    Secondly, I don't want to spend much on a headphone amp, is the FiiO E5 or the Behringer Monitor Headphone Amp MA400 decent amps? or should I look at a pre-assembled CMoy on ebay?
  5. pataburd
    D2000 and PL750, in that order. : )
  6. m0ofassa
    the 770s vary greatly between the models (ignore the 770M).
    The pros have Massive bass, moderate mids, and tame highs
    the consumer (2005) have strong bass, modest mids and strong highs.
    Theyre not a particularly good choice for your only can unless you are ready to EQ up that mids and apply some noise sharpening (foo_delta) to get that sparkle. (talking about the pros here)
  7. Poison Shroom
    Okay, D2000 is still at the top.

    What about the ultrasone HFI-2200?
    I remember looking at it some time ago and thinking how awesome it looked. Is the sound there with the design? Or should I say to heck with it and go with the D2000s?

    [edit] Duh, HFI-2200s are open-ear. Thanks for the help guys, I've made my choice.

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