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Need a new pair of cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by poison shroom, Oct 3, 2008.
  1. Poison Shroom
    A little while ago, I picked up a pair of Creative Lab's CR2530 headphones.
    I got them for 60$ on Amazon (About a 100$ less then Amazon) Which I'm pretty happy about. The Headphones actually sound pretty good, but the bluetooth part... yikes, its nice being cable free, but the batteries tend to die quickly and the connection tends to break if there is clothing in the way.

    So, I'd like a good pair of full-ear headphones, I mainly listen to alternative rock, soft rock and techno if it helps. So I'd like nice bass and clear mid-range. I tried my friend's over-ear Bose headphones, and I liked the bass, I would want more if I could get it, but I thought the treble was very muddy for the price Bose wants.
    I don't want to spend more than 150$, but if there is a large difference in quality, I'd be willing to go to 200$.

    I've been looking around, and have been thinking of:

    WeSC Delta Bongo Premium Headphones
    Aurvana Live Headphones by Creative Labs
    Audio-Technica ATH-ES7
    The Skull Kandy Pro DJ Headphones -- I know SK is usually pretty bad, but I've never heard anything about their pro headphones.

    I'm leaning towards the Aurvana's since I liked my last pair of Creative Labs cans, but the Audio Technica's seem really good as well. But, you guys know much more about headphones then I do, so also suggestions are more then welcome.
  2. 1Time
    You wont' be using an external amp?

    I suggest considering an Ultrasone in your price range. That will get you the clarity you're wanting. The best prices are at Northern Sound and Light after you ask them for their special pricing.
  3. baka1969 Contributor
    I'm spreading Grado love!
    Grado SR-80 with the Headroom Total Airhead. Under $200!

  4. pataburd
    Whoa! I'm feelin' the Grado love, too! : )
  5. Charles_1985
    Check out the Denon D1001, it's a great-sounding headphone in your budget range. The bass is powerful and they have an expansive soundstage. They're also super comfortable.

    Grado is an acquired taste . . . if you like listening for long periods, I wouldn't recommend them based on my experience. I love my Alessandro MS1s (based on Grados) since they are a lot of fun, but their comfort leaves a lot to be desired and I get fatigued after listening them for a while.

    Also, you said you like techno - while the Grados have good bass impact, I suggest cans with deeper bass for that genre. Something else to note about the Grados is they have basically no soundstage . . . the D1000s have a great soundstage on the other hand. I find it hard to enjoy some techno without the soundstage.
  6. turtlee
    i listen to a lot of electro and i think it sounds fine on my SR80s so i'd suggest that for your price range

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