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ncix.com selling KSC75s for $12.99 CAD (161 left!!!)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fatman711, Jul 21, 2007.
  1. fatman711 Contributor
  2. kamal007
    more expensive for us buyers but great for canadians
  3. comen
    yes, in us it's about 9$
  4. Yuk_Fai
    146 left now [​IMG].
  5. fatman711 Contributor
    133 left!!!! The good thing is that you can buy 2!
  6. bbird1927
    Too bad that they dont ship to Australia [​IMG]
  7. xnothingpoetic
    tell me when the rs-1 goes on sale, then I'd be interested.
  8. Postal_Blue
    18.85 Shipping kills it for this US buyer.
  9. Gatticus
    Yea, I saw that price last night when I was ordering my E6850 cpu but I just bought a pair from them a few weeks back for $14.99 so don't need them. Maybe I should have bought a pair anyway for modding practice.
  10. Caution
    This is a little bit off topic But I see lots of KSC75s going for < $10 USD on ebay. Are these likely to be fake or real?

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