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Navigate to the last page of a long thread

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by regal, May 6, 2010.
  1. regal
    Is there an easy way to navigate to the last page of a long thread?
    I fear change[​IMG]
  2. John E Woven
    there's a tiny little text link under the title that is "last post"
  3. necropimp
    actually no there is not... instead if you posted in that thread there is a "your last post" which will take you to the last post you made in the thread which can easily be many pages back
    so no there is no easy way to go to the last page of the thread
  4. earthpeople
    There is also a "go to last new post" thing that Jude showed in the other thread. If you click on the green arrow, it'll take you to the newest post since you last checked the topic.
    It's won't always take you to the last page, but it's pretty useful regardless and you can use it in the meantime. :)
  5. jjinh
    I've been clicking on the link to the last post in the aptly named Last Post column without a problem

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