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Nashville - Center Hill Lake Whiskey Head Fi Meet Impressions June 2019

  1. Mshenay Contributor

    Easily the best view you'll ever get at a Head Fi meet! But here's a place for us to share our impressions of both the headphones music and excellent whiskey! @kilkil
  2. Mshenay Contributor
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  3. kilkil
    Thanks everyone for the great meet.
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  4. Mshenay Contributor




    This system I actually quite liked! This was a First Watt 10W Power amp fed into a 4pin XLR convertor and used as a head amp with the Gumby and Ether 2. Powerful and quite clean, I find my self really enjoying the Ether 2 the more I hear it. Though I find that I appreciate/enjoy it more on more "natural" sounding systems, so Gumby with Mojilinir as a Tube Pre into the Power Amp was very nice, I also listened to the Ether 2 from a Dyna Hi and Yggy Gen2Analog and I found it too aggressive and overall a bit unbalanced?


    So for my tastes I think something that slightly accentuates the Ether 2's presentation is better for it


    Now with the W5000, I quite enjoyed the DynaHi and Yggy, yes the W5000 is still very dry and quite aggressive, but I find Yggy with Gen2 Analog & DynaHi add a nice touch of slam in the lows and just a touch of presance/tactility into the W5000 without making it overly "shouty"

    Check out the more shots here on imgur
    Head Fi Meet June 2019 https://imgur.com/gallery/FNOrl3w
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  5. Mshenay Contributor

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  6. RCBinTN
    Sorry we missed the meet - great pictures ... thanks!
    The fireplace looks super, Tom. And, a new portrait of your daughter!
  7. whirlwind
    That view is killer :)

    Nice pics
  8. DelsFan
    @kilkil Thanks again for hosting, sorry I couldn't stay longer :wink: . I had a great time.

    @Mshenay (and @Cool Jazz also!), you both were very patient and I learned a lot. Sadly I'm getting to the point to where I can fathom the extent of what I don't know... But at least I now realize what is funny about Cool Jazz's avatar.

    I never get tired of kilkil's two-channel system, or the view from his sun-room. (Or his vintage headphone amplifier for that matter - but that's another story.) The photo Mshenay posted is literally what you see, looking out from that room. He's a great guy for hosting us a couple of times each year.
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  9. Cool Jazz
    So many thanks to Tom for hosting. His efforts are greatly appreciated. Can't say enough thanks.

    Each meet I meet some more nice, sharing, great to hang out with folks. That's the really great thing about taking the time and effort to get there.

    As was commented on there, we had a really great listening event this time. So much to talk about and listen to. New music was discovered.

    Hope everyone else enjoyed as much as I did. And that we all have the excuse to get together again.


    Ps...now I've got some soldering to get back to...
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
  10. kilkil
    @Cool Jazz , what are you soldering? Anything fun?
  11. kilkil
    @DelsFan , I just looked back at my build pictures, and I built the Dynahi in April 2005. Does 14 years really count as vintage? I do agree that in 2005, the high end headphones are completely different than they are now, so maybe vintage is appropriate.
  12. Wildcatsare1
    You were one of the pioneers of the Headphone Movement! :ksc75smile:
  13. kilkil
    How did you know i had a Pioneer Receiver before Head-Fi :ksc75smile:

    Looking at my post count, it will be difficult to say i'm a pioneer, though i've been in the high end audio world for a while and even pretended to be way back in high school, where i acquired some beat up cheap separates, Fisher Audio brand mostly, from a garage sale.
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  14. phillyd
    First time logging into Head-fi in a while! Good to see that some familiar faces were at this meet. If we get a meet going later this year or early next year I'll try to make it. I haven't been down to a Nashville meet in a few years! I'm less busy now so I'd love to get back to it.
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  15. kilkil
    Great to hear from you. I don't have any dates set yet, i'm thinking potentially around Nov 16 or January, i'm wanting to avoid the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

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