N00b wants to build own speaker system...
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Aug 1, 2005
Hi, in common with most things I do, I would like to take a crack at building my own speaker system. I have a pair of quite decent cabinets I intend to use. These cabinets have space for 2X 7" Mid/Woofers, 1x 3" tweeters and 1 x what looks like a square hole to house perhaps a 1" type tweeter. (I might be persuaded to buy some standard type cabinets too though - if such a thing exists).

The problem is I know zilch, zip, nada about speaker design - so i was wondering of you guys might be able to give me some tips and perhaps suggest some brands?

I am really interested in anything that will give me seriously good quality sound but which is achievable on a reasonable budget. Also if any of you guys have anything for sale that could be useful to me, I may well be interested.

Really this is about building a superior set of speakers on the cheap if I can, rather than going to a store and throwing away all my money.

Any input would be welcome.


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