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MyST OrtoPhones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by _toki_, Oct 20, 2015.
  1. _Toki_
     Recently I had a chance to audition MyST OrtoPhones http://mycroft.su/en/catalog/izodinamicheskie_naushniki/myst_ortophones in Mycroft office in Moscow. I am not an expert in hi-end headphones and do not intend to write a review (especially considering my English), just wanted to share some of my impressions and thoughts on it. First of all, the headphones feels heavy but not as much as one can expect from their specs (700g). They sit comfortably on my head, although I have tested it for only about 30 minutes (for longer listening periods I suspect they may become feeling like a bit heavy). The sound flows freely from them, being open and wide, but they don't attempt to build the huge scene and immerse a listener into it - they just produce a sound which comes from a wide speaker, appearing from all sides how it is intended by the recording (similar to close-up listening to a good acoustic systems), and it feels very natural. All frequencies are also on their places, I haven't noticed any roll off in highs as it was mentioned by some other listeners - I found the highs very distinct, well-pronounced and non-irritating even at high volumes. Bass is very deep, but never becomes boomy (even in some heavier Pacific Rim OST titles). Midrange is plain, there is also nothing extraordinary but it is all well reproduced, the voices are not "screaming" into the ears even at high volumes. Overall these headphones are a true pleasure to listen to, and I can note just two things about them - first, with such deep and natural bass I expect to receive also a full body response like in a good cinema, but it is lacking for an obvious reason, and second - the volume is too easy to be set at very high level, the sound becomes very loud without distortion and this may be not very comfortable (especially for the people around the listener). That's my subjective opinion, take it as it is. Oh yeah, and they do require a powerful source to drive them.
     I have to add that I know Roman from Mycroft for many years, and although I am in no way affiliated to his company if you have any questions about their products I will gladly transfer them to Roman and share the answers with you here, so feel free to ask.
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  2. Spanish
    few photos
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  3. shigzeo Contributor
    I just published a review of them at headfonia. Excellent. I love the IzoPhones-30, but these are better: rounder, more mid range air and 3D space, smoother transitions. Brilliant.
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  4. Wildcatsare1
    Is there a US Distributor for MyST?

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