My Shures sound wierd all of a sudden
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Jul 5, 2005
Hi folks!
I´ve been using my shure e3c almost every day for about half a year, and so far I´ve been very pleased with every aspect of them. Now, I haven´t used them for about a week, and yesterday when I were about to put on some music on the iPod they suddenly sound all...broke

First, the volume is decreased to silly levels. If I turn the iPod to max it is decent volume, but not at all loud. Usually, 50-60% volume is more than enogh. I thought the problem could be with the iPod since I´d made a firmvare upgrade, but the situation were the same on my iRiver and on my home system.

Second, there seems to be only bass left in them. The mids and heights are almost gone, and the sound is extremly muffled. Also, the bass sounds way "more" than it usually is. My theory is that the mid and height elements are somehow broke or silenced, while the bass still plays on full volume. But I know noting of the inner workings of a canalphone.

I also checked the phones for possible dirt or earwax buildups, but they seem all clean.

Any idea of what might have happened? What should I do?

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