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My recommended Audiophile Headphones for Techno

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ronkupper, Apr 7, 2018.
  1. ronkupper
    There are not many recommendations/reviews for high-end headphones that mention bass heavy electronic music (Techno, Deep House, Trance, Dubstep, Ambient, etc) for us bass heads out there.

    So I wanted to add my validated choice after research - Fostex TH900 (and the MKii - same but come with a replaceable cable). No hesitation.

    I've listened to the HD800, LCD-2, LCD-3 and Focal Clear - They were all truly amazing (especially the HD800 left a lasting sonic impression, but I couldn't level match and the DAC/AMPs were different at times so it isn't really a valid comparison between them) but none of them were quite right for electronic music and the club experience in my taste. I tried with the store's DAC/AMPs way above my budget (like the Musical Fidelity M6s and others). Didn't try EQ.

    Currently using the Fostex with a FiiO Q5 DAC/AMP (and an 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter cable)

    Full story here.

    Cheers :vulcan:
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  2. Malfunkt
    To me any of those sets you've mentioned can be excellent for electronic, very much depending on production style. But yes, sometimes you need to hit low and with volume. For that, I have the HD630VB. Incredible clarity, and can hit very low and the bass is at your control. As a former techno/electronic DJ, I'm used to having this control at my fingertips. Depending on style, and volume levels, it is very desirable to have quick control over your bass-levels.

    I do still enjoy my early LCD2 rev1 for electronic, but more of the IDM / ambient variety. I have a D2000 which is the precursor to the TH600/900 series, and it is similar, but more linear. I can vouch for the biocellulose dynamic drivers as having a special quality for bass and electronic music.

    Also for IEM - highly recommend MDR-7750 / EX800ST
  3. ronkupper
    Yes they also came in the little online research I did, I forgot to mention. Later discovered Fostex made them for Denon (and other's) as an OEM.
    They're also probably the best looking of the bunch IMO. Sure Denon had a say in this and that.

    Do they still make them?

    I guess it's like some seek to experience the venue acoustics in classical or jazz music, For techno it's the club experience with its massive sub bass arrays, the good ones that is.

    The Fostex gave me a similar gripping impression I had with the HD800 on first hear, but with that deep smooth bass.
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  4. TERMiNAL_
    Sennheiser HD-25.

    Yes....the old school classic, and you will see tons of techno/house DJ's use them.

    You can get these headphones incredibly loud and clean with techno, the bass is very punchy and will vibrate your whole face.

    The HD-25's don't have a wide-soundstage, but I don't believe Techno requires a wide sound...
  5. Malfunkt
    Yeah, the HD25s are classics. I've had a pair that has survived way over a decade and is now on permanent loan to my brother. It's probably why I like my 630VB so much. They don't go as extreme as the Amperior, and are more along the lines of the HD25 in neutrality. The 630VB is like having a supersized HD25 with a lot more resolution, clarity and sub-bass.

    Also have a vintage HD250 that is very good for techno too. It has more bass presence than the D2000.

    I will say the D2000 has better power-handling than the 250 though. For instance, EQing the bass up on the 250 doesn't do much. With the D2000 you can use pretty drastic EQ curves to get the bass pounding.
  6. ronkupper
    And don't forget bass is not everything, even for Techno.

    (Haven't heard HD-25/250 so not referring to them but in general).
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
  7. Malfunkt
    oh I know. I was just pointing out that should you want to, the D2000 biocellulose drivers can handle dramatic EQ changes and ample power.

    The HD250 doesn't sound overblow in the bass at all, and the mid-range is among the best out there. The 630VB can actually go lower in bass then the D2000 - but then be increased as its function.

    The HD25, kicks, and has a certain addictive sound, but doesn't extend in the sub bass as much as the aforementioned. The HD25 treble is a bit grainy too.
  8. ronkupper
    All three looks very interesting. Would love to hear when I'll get a chance.

    As @TERMiNAL_ mentioned they were designed for DJ's so I wonder if there was an intention to emphasize the kick to help with beatmatching
  9. TERMiNAL_
    Well originally designed for engineers, and not so much studio work.

    When you watch sports on TV you will see a lot of broadcasters where the HD25's.

    Vocals are extremely clear and natural that's why they wear them, and also for the isolation reasons.

    They are a very "fun" headphone, They cost $200 new here but I'd pay $300 for them...they'd probably last forever.
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