My new Sony Discman D-350, questions on other models
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Sep 23, 2002
Today, I just purchased a Sony Discman D-350 from a fella who bought it new and rarely used it. It is so beauuuutiful and totally mint. All accessories were included. I paid $120 CDN which is $75 USD...not too bad I'd say. So far I am loving its sound but have not had it long enough to review it. In my search for a high-end Sony, I came across some other Sony models that are in very nice shape and fully functional. I will include a list of the model numbers and would appreciate any feedback from those who own them. They range in price from $20 to $40 CDN ($12 to $25 USD). Mostly I am wondering if any of them are worth picking up (seriously considering the D-11 and D-20 so far). I would keep them in stationary listening areas such as the office and bedroom. Most of the listening would be on Koss Portapros or entry level Grados but I do own Sennheiser HD600s and Etymotic ER4s. Here's the list of models (all Sony Discmans): D-66, D-121, D-125, D-140, D-33, D-34, D-137CR, D-20, D-11, D-88, D-99. I care only of sound quality as they will be staying put on a flat surface. For now, I have no headphone amps so I will be using the headphone outs only.
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Sep 21, 2002
I only have the D11, D20 and D33 therefore I will only comment on the 3.

I am using the Sen 497 so listening will be done on that solely

The D11 sounds a little thin in the midrange when compared to D20 and D33, the bass is tight and the highs are just a little bright.

My D20 is not working currently but my few days with it should allow me to comment. It has a smooth high frequency response. Very smooth indeed but not lacking air. The midrange I would say is very very good. Very intimate. But what is the weakness is the bass. It seems to be warmer and less impactful when compared to the D11 and D33

As for the D33, its sounds somewhere between the D11 and D20 for the midrange. not thin as D11 and not as delicious as D20. The bass is the best of all the 3 players and the highs are not as bright as the D11 but not as smooth as the D20 though.

All the 3 players definitely dont lack detail and all have powerful headphone outs.

For me I would prefer the D33 and D20. I would not want to buy the D11 if I were given another chance.

D20 for the beautiful midrange and smooth high frequency.
D33 for the best balance.

So far the best PCDP that I have is the Sony DJ50.
The D33 comes really close. Just slight less impact in the bass, midrange not as intimate, highs not as smooth.

Thats my opinion
. Hope it helps
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Jun 23, 2001
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Congratulations on the D-350 - it's an excellent player. I owned one many moons ago (when they were new out) and I honestly can't remember what happened to it.

I think Sony should seriously think about releasing a new player based on that design with better anti-skip and battery life - I really think the design has not dated even slightly.

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