my impression with the KSC75s (mini review)
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Apr 18, 2005
alright... this is my first attempt at a review. i'm not very good with quantitative descriptions and tehcnical terms, so bear with me.

i needed a good pair of on the go headphones because i was sick of getting funny looks from people when i wore my HD497s everywhere. the things i do for good sound. originaly, i was conisdering these or the E2Cs. i decided to get these since theyre easy to obtain. mind you, i still may get the E2Cs. after reading all the hype about these (a la "ksc75: giant killer" thread), how could i resist the sub-$20 pricetag? after all, i am a student on a budget.

my initial thoughts after tested them out in a coffee shop: wow, these look amazingly cheap and fragile.

i also had a problem with the right ear clip. it was amazingly loose, and i had to do some prying to get them a little tighter. it is still much looser than the left ear, and the entire clip is prone to detatching.

the 75s also experienced the flaw with the 4G ipod's headphone jack issue. i seem to only have a problem with phones with a bent jack, like the 75s. i had no problem with my HD497s or the stock apple buds. what happens is that moving around the jack somehow triggers the autopause function that the ipod has when the jack is removed while a song is playing. i recall someone saying that this is because the jack on headphones that experience this problem are a wee bit slimmer, therefore movement tricks the ipod into thinking the phones have been detatched. it seems like a minor annoyance, but its actually pretty substantial.

now about the sound: they have more zing and impact than sennheiser headphones, and i think people have compared it to the signature of the SR60. thats probably pretty fair. i'm actually not that big a fan of the grado sound, so it didn't seem that special to me. however, grado users looking for a pair of phones for your portable rig, look no further.

with headphones, theres always a particular album for each set that captures my attention. with my 497s, that album was damien rice - o. for the ksc75s, it has to be keane - hopes and fears. on my senns, the piano rock seemed boring and uninvolving, but the KSC75s really bring out the depth and impact of this album. the pianos seemed much more lively.

as for my original purpose for getting these headphones, its kind of 50/50. walking around campus, these are fine. hopefull after a little more manipulation of the right clip, they will become the perfect workout headphone. however, they are virtually useless in noisy enviroments, and they leak like crazy. they sound much louder from the leakage than they actually are. i'm wearing them right now in the lab im doing my internship in, and my supervisors probably think i'm blowing out my eardrums. for outside observers, keane at half volume sounds like metallica at full volume. thats how bad they leak. on the bus, i had to crank they past 75% on the ipod volume dial before i could even hear them. i'd imagine the problem would even be worse on a plane. perhaps i will get the shures to complement them.

i was orignally planning to return these, because i already have a perfectly good set of open headphones that i prefer to these, but now i am so tempted to keep them.

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