My first set of Headphones
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Sep 24, 2002
Skip the first paragraph if you don't want the long version.
I've recently become interested in headphones. I decided that they would be a good alternative to the steroe system I wanted to buy based on portability, and sound quality. So first I went to IGN's Gear section (the only place I knew to look at the time) and started reading the review's there and eventually got to the Grado's. And found out about And so I came to a dilemma.
Was this the positively the the best I could buy for my money. After all I don't want to look the fool.

My inclination for my first headphone purchase are either Grado SR125 or Grado SR 225 (I have to save for either of these for quite a while so please be considerate of that)

My inclination for my first headphone amp is the Total Airhead.

What I'd like to know is that for the money are there better headphones/amp and should I not buy headphones less expensive than the amp? or in this case of equal price? Thanks for any help.
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Sep 27, 2001
It sounds like you may also be using this setup for gaming.
If that's the case, I'd suggest a pair of sennheiser hd580 along with the TA or one from the amp builders here.

This will be a very nice all around system.
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Nov 4, 2001
i would not recommend grados or open sennheisers for portability, because they wont block out any sound, and theywill leak a lot of sound. how much will you be willing to spend?

if you can afford it, i would get the etymotic er4p (with S adaptor) and a meta42 amplifier. great setup, with the etys about $300 and the meta42 ranges in price for the setup of the amp. if you dont want to spend that much, i would go for etymotic er6, beyerdynamic dt250-80( or 250ohm) with the meta42.

good luck and sorry bout your wallet!

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