My CrossRoads MylarOne Bijou 2-3 comparison. Best for the buck!
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Sep 19, 2008
So i just received my new MylarOne Bijou, both v2 and v3.
I had the previous model and enjoyed it.

I used my rig to compare them:

-Ipod video 5.5g 80gb
-ZY high end LOD
-GoVibe Petite AMP\DAC
-Apple loseless


Let's say it, Crossroads did an awesome job here, i didnt really like the previous line, they looked a bit poor and not so durable.
This new Bijou has a solid construction, material isnt plastic but metal, smaller in size and better cables. Really a big improvement.
Also the tips, there is a big variety of them. Pink version came with a pair of really small white tips, they must be perfect for girls, great looking too.
There is a little red o-ring at the mid showing the Right cable.
The clip do a good job with microphonics, never realized how important could be a little clip with the cables.
The jack is a bit curved, easy to put in and remove. They also come with a sweet carrying black box.

Out of the Box

2 gave me a good first impression, out of the box they sound already ok, even without burn in, strange.
Let's talk about the v3, out of the box they sound really bad. I mean, muddy bass, congested sound and like no high at all, they are covered by mid-bass frequencies. I was prepared to this and i knew Bijou require lot of burn in, so i just burned them with my playlist that include frequencies sweep, different type of noises and so on.
I would raccommend 100+ burn-in hours.

Indeed 3 has way more bass then 2. Talking about quality, 2 are tight and defined, detailed and punchier. Never invasive, i really like them.
3 are BIG on bass, if you are a bass-head you will love them, they make an awesome BOOM effect all over your head! Omg a subwoofer there!
In order to really enjoy them, big burn-in is a must. As i already said, out of the box bass almost cover eveything.

I prefer 2, vocals are upfront, clear and sweet. They have enough space, never invaded by bass or high.
3 aren't so bad too, but the great bass sound "too much" sometimes makind vocals a bit recessed. By the way, after the 100+ hours burn in mids increased showing a decent definition.

2 are increbibly clear, defined and crispy considering the price of the phones, they surprised me.
They sparkle more then the 3's. To be honest 2 could be hard to listen after some hours.
3 sound sometimeng like my shure 530, rolled off on highs, not defined and most of the time covered by mid-bass.

As you can understand reading the comparison i still prefer the 2.
I do listen to rock, alternative and metal. 2 suite perfect for me, with a decent soundstage and separation.
3 do lacks here, specially out of the box. After the intense burn-in the soundstage increased, same for the sound separation but could not reach the 2.
3 do an awesome job with R&B, dance, tecno whatever require bass. Listening to Neyo with them makes me excited, i feel like in a club, vibrations all over my head, seems like having a sub-woofer.
If you are into this kind of music i would really reccommend them, they will make you happy!
Some consideration about the price, Jaben sell them for 59$ shipped with Fedex. Well imho you cant find anything better for the price, especially for the incredible build quality. You can just choose considering the music you listen and enjoy them.

Jaben was so nice to offer a promotional code for the forumers, by using it you will receive a free FiiO E3 amp and a little discount.

Code: "energieB"
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Sep 23, 2008
nice review
I've ordered a pair ok bijou 2 already

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Apr 2, 2007
I thought the 2's were supposed to be bassier than the 3's?
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Nov 29, 2006
Sorrry for bumping an old thread, but how do these compare to the mylar X3?

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