My 3rd cMoy - Well, actually it about cheap cases :)
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Nov 7, 2004
Hi Guys,

Last week I've built 2 more cMoy's. I dont really have a use for them, just had some spare time, and wanted to build something, so as always a couple of pics:

(I know the V- isn't connected on the right picture, dont worry, its been fixed already, and of course cleaned the flux)
As you can see I've used some DIP headers for signal in and out of the board. It made things very easy in terms of connecting everything in the case. Plus, now if I ever want to disconnects it, no need to remove the boards.

However, the cMoy itself isn't real interesting, I wanted to turn your attention to something else. I went out to buy a few things I needed, in in one of these "all for 1$" stores I came across some nice wooden boxes:

(Obviously, the holes weren't there, I've made them)
They are in the right size, the quality is acceptable, and the do look quite good. So I've bought 9 of these, I don't mind a few of these sitting around in the closet for when I need them. I've used a drill press I have and drilled the holes for the volume know, input and output, and a LED:

After taking this picture, I've sanded the box (just a little bit, it's not worth too much time), and covered it with 2 layers of clear paint for protection.

Overall I think its a great result for this little project, and what's more important is the price. They were 3 for 10nis - 10 nis (new Israel shekel) is about 2.7$

So next time you're out, check the "all for 1$" stores, you might find some nice things (I've also found a few other useful tools in this store).

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