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Must own Psybient and Psy-Dub albums?

Discussion in 'Music' started by kwitel, Aug 8, 2013.
  1. kwitel
    Own the very few albums in these genres and would like to pick up a couple of the must-haves.
    Already own the following:
    Phutureprimitive-Sub Conscious (I think this album is a masterpiece)
    Yggdrasil-Prose Edda (some good tracks here but much of it I find uninspiring and boring)
    Kuba-Random Precision (has some nice reggae influences; solid album)
    Ott-Blumenkraft and Sklon (both fantastic)
    And virtually everything by Shpongle.
    Looking for more of the psybient than the psy-dub/reggae influenced works.
  2. Smeckles
    Spin off projects from Shpongle are pretty good places to start, but many of the titles are rare and hard/expensive to get your hands on.
    The Infinity Project (TIP)
    Hallucinogen (especially In Dub, which was mixed by Ott and is still in wide distribution)
    1200 Micrograms
    Younger Brother (which is less psy and more electronic but still retains strong elements, because Simon Posford always sounds like Simon Posford in everything)
    Then there's Infected Mushroom and their spinoffs etc.
    Labels like Shiva Space Technologies are entirely dedicated to stuff like this.

  3. Origin89
    I'll recommend some artists to check out:
    Kalpataru Tree
    Kalya Scintilla 
  4. Redcarmoose
    Any Flying Rhino Lps from the era of 1996-1998

    Any Tip LP or CD

    Green Nuns of the Revolution
    Rock Bitch Mafia
  5. itsu
    The psyamb blog has a long list of psydub artists :

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