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Musically smooth and forgiving nearfield monitor speakers, do they exist?

  1. jpnz

    I was wondering if there are any good sounding nearfield monitors that are exactly musical, smooth and forgiving on lesser recordings.
    In my experience is that ambient music usually sound more bearable on more fuller and relaxing sounding speakers.
    I listen to the speakers at a fairly close range and the sweet spot on regular monitors i listened to : (harbeth, jean marie reynaud, proac) are usually a little futher away.
    Price range is about up to 1500 dollars/euros a pair max. Any ideas?

    Thank you [​IMG]
  2. trog
    Am no audio guru but for near field i went with a T-amp and a decent pair of passive bookshelfs and for the $$ i am pleasantly surprised by their sound [​IMG] If u fine with a passive + amp set up in Europe they have Bowers & Wilkins, Mission, Wharfedale, Mordaunt Short, Tannoy (ones that i am familiar with and heard myself) , etc 

  3. gregorio

    Monitors are designed for professional use to "monitor" the recording, mixing and mastering processes. A monitor which makes a poor recording sound good or is "forgiving" would, by definition be a poor monitor. Speakers however are designed for consumers and therefore to make the music you are listening to sound as good as possible. So my advice, based on your requirements, would be to look for a good set of speakers rather than monitors.
  4. Steve Eddy
    Too bad you're in NL. Guy on eBay here in the States has a pair of Tannoy DMT 10's for sale for $995 but will only ship in the US.
    For nearfield listening, you really benefit from a proper point source such as the Tannoy dual concentrics as you don't have the lobing issues you have with more conventional speakers with offset drivers.
    I'd look around and see if you can find some Tannoy DMT's there in Europe.
  5. Severanth
    I ended up with some B-stock from Digital Village (www.dv247.com).  
    They have a good selection of "near field" self powered Monitors.  Look under studio equipment and then active monitors they will price in euro's.
    KRK Rokit is popular google for reviews. There are a few choices for self powered just remember prices are on a per speaker basis usually.
  6. skipgap
                                       The TBD-2 from parts-express
                                 Definitive Technolgies Promonitor 1000
                                 Pioneer sp-bs41's
                                 Dayton Audio B652
                                 Insignia 6 1/2" Bass Reflex
                                 Polk lsi9's
                     Put all these in series w/ a Hrt Music Screamer 2+ w/ 24 awg interconnects(DIY) and take a 3 lb hammer and act like
                     Thor after the lightning bolt has tempered your hammer...strike at what you beliefs systems made you buy so far and
                     tell me what kind of quality your left worth afterwards!
  7. skipgap
     My choice woude be the HRT MS2+ w/ diy 24 awg rca interconnects and the TBD-2's and add a good amp to the mix
    although all you would need actually is 1 watt for near field background music. 10 watts for doubling that volume and 100
    for doubling that. DIY really means that you are letting your emotions get the better of you if you don't see it with your own
    eyes first, it's really about the shock of how easy it is when you realize that's all there is to it!
  8. cifani090
    What About some JBL 4311's or L100's with a Marantz receiver? If you want something musical, the Marantz will definitely provide that.
  9. shabta
    You listed proac. But have you heard the proac tablette? I have the tablette ref 8, they sit a little more than a meter apart and about half a meter from my head (at ear level) and they sound FANTASTIC! I do have them paired with a leben 300 so maybe the tubes relax them a bit.
  10. skipgap
    Totem Dreamcatchers w/ an Hrt DAC, Little Dot MK III Preamp, Vitue Audio.TWO's and a HSU sub

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