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Music Storage

Discussion in 'Music' started by ArronZacx, Aug 25, 2019.
  1. ArronZacx
    I love my digital music collection and don't use streaming services. However, currently I've run out of storage space in my macbook for my music (200+GB and quickly expanding). So I'm just wondering how does the rest of you peeps here store your music?
  2. wuwhere Contributor
    I also have a macbook. I don't store my music in my macbook. Its in a 256gb USB drive. When I want music I just pop it in. I use VLC. Same with my windows laptop, just one usb drive. I have two drives, that's close to 500gb of flac.

    I do have backups just in case.
  3. Allegro maestoso
    External hard drives: an ancient 250 GB iomega, plus a Sabrent USB "toaster" that lets me swap drives. I currently have a 120 GB solid state drive in it for music - it's very fast!
  4. stonesfan129
    I have a custom-build Windows PC, but my case has four hard drive bays inside. I purchased WD Easystore 8TB drives (these contain an 8TB WD Red NAS drive) when they were on sale through Best Buy. All in all, I have around 30TB of hard drive space. I then keep a folder labeled "My Music" and this is where I push all my files into. I then have MusicBee set up to index that folder. I keep lots of other digital files on here as well hence the large amount of disk space. I will probably slowly upgrade them to 10TB WD drives when they fail. On a Mac, I would probably just purchase an external USB hard drive and keep my files on there. You can find a 1 or 2TB external drive these days for cheap.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  5. serman005
    I do like the portability factor of the USB drive.
  6. koudairanger
    I just give up cure and buy large capacity(over 256GB) sd cards...
  7. Redcarmoose
    In the last ten years I’ve collected multiple external hard drives. Still anymore I just think it’s better to buy two 400GB mini sd cards. Mirror them as a backup. They are $54 each on Amazon. You can write to them pretty fast. Also they are well made. The larger cards can come apart. Mechanical drives can fail as they have moving parts. The only issue is they are small and easy to lose?


    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  8. blackdragon87
    Same here
  9. ogarrio
    External hard drives:Maxtor 500 gb.

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