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Music player apps for Android - What's your pick?

  1. garetjax27
    What's everyone using as their go to music player for your Android-based device? Are there specific music player apps that everyone recognizes as being the "best"?

    Generally speaking, I am looking to see what options exist for music player apps with EQ and bass boost for Android-based devices. What are your favorites, and what options do you recommend or are worth buying?
  2. HeadphoneWeeb
    I use Foobar2000 on Android and on my PC. I mainly use it because I can organize my music by file name. Most other apps don't let you do that.
  3. garetjax27
    Are there any Android music apps that are the de facto standard, especially for manipulating EQ curves and such?
  4. n1kk1
    Onkyo for usb dac?
  5. SilverEars
    I like to use USB Audio Player Pro which is a paid app, and also it has an EQ software that is embedded in it that you'd also have to purchase separately. Last time I tried using it, there were still some fine tuning that needed to be done, but not sure if it's complete yet, it seems like a nice EQ program.

    One that has many feature including EQ is Neutron player. It has lots of detailed fine tuning options like EQ, crossfeed, etc.. It's also a paid app.

    I personally prefer the sound of USB Audio Player Pro as it sounds more transparent to my ears, but Neutron has a lot of features as far as fine tuning the sound yourself.
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  6. johnnyb

    I'm impressed by the ongoing maintenance on this app too. Frequent updates, improvements, and fixes. Worth the small investment.
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  7. SilverEars
    I remember when his player first came out to interface with portable DAC/Amp with the phones, and that function was pretty much driving force for people to try it out at the time. The player was pretty basic back then, and over the years, that player has evolved up to the standard of a pretty decently featured player.
  8. Jake21
    It's definitely gained some momentum. I got this app when it only had 10 thousand downloads. It now has 50 thousand downloads. Like you said, they're constantly innovating it. I also like the new album cover color palette feature.
  9. garetjax27
    Thanks all! Does USB Audio Player Pro come with bass boost, tone, treble or virtualization adjustment?
  10. garetjax27
    So, I reached out to the developer of USB Audio Player Pro and I was told that bass boost, tone/treble and virtualization is not supported in the app. That being said, is there an app that gives you these features but works in conjunction with Android-based music player apps like the Onkyo Music player (which does offer bass boost or virtualization)?
  11. skwoodwiva
    Show us yo ears?
    No contest
    Screenshot_20180331-103618.png :)



    "Where the green grass grows" is here too, fabulous
  12. garetjax27
    1) Is Toneboosters available for use with Android devices using the 5.1 OS?

    2) Does Toneboosters allow you to adjust the bass, tone, treble, virtualization of your audio/music?
  13. skwoodwiva
    It worked on 6 not sure of 5.
    Uapp only for mt trials
  14. Mad Max
    I'm still on Poweramp Pro.
    Anyone compared it versus USB Audio Player Pro?
  15. skwoodwiva
    HiBy is better than either
    But no OTG as UP does OTG

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