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Multi-channel analog to digital converter, or AC3 to USB PCM decoder?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by illram, Aug 21, 2018.
  1. illram
    I posted a question like this in the GSX1000 thread, (and actually all over the internet, e.g. [H], AVS forum, with no answers) but am reposting it here generally in case anyone else knows the answer to this. Do either of the following products exist, to anyone's knowledge?

    A device that:
    (1) re-digitizes analog multi-channel signals into multi-channel PCM out via USB, or
    (2) decodes a digitial input Dolby Digital (AC3) or DTS (e.g., from toslink) to multi-channel PCM out via USB.

    Do either of these exist? I have scoured the internet for this and have not found it (at least, nothing that does not cost thousands of dollars and seems geared to music engineers). The cheapest and closest I got was the Behringer ADA8200 but that outputs ADAT which doesn't solve my issue (I can't find any ADAT==>USB converters either).

    I am aware of things like the Creative X7, but I am more just looking to see if this functionality is possible, such that any virtual surround headphone device, even if it lacked Dolby or DTS licenses, could theoretically be used with any source, bitstream or otherwise, by having something in the middle doing the decoding.
  2. illram
    So I'll answer my own super obscure question.

    This is an expensive and not at all worth it proposition but after asking all over the web it seems I have been guided to two possible solutions for getting an encoded Dolby Digital console bitstream to the GSX1000, which may or may not work but depending on how crazy I feel I might try them (or not).

    1. Possible: A black magic design Decklink capture card, which can possibly decode AC3 bitstreams via HDMI. This is not explicit in the tech specs although it appears people online are doing it. It might require additional software and I have no idea how complicated this would be.

    2. A Panlong DolbyDigital decoder (or something like it)-->analog out to BehringerADA8200-->ADAT out to miniDSP USBstreamer B-->USB out theoretically to the GSX1000. Apparently the USBstreamer can input ADAT and output via USB although I am not totally sure about this. Again, something others have said is possible online, but not explicit in the user manual or specs.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018

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